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The Welsh Spitfire Museum is an all-weather family attraction in the heart of Haverfordwest: the unique county town of Pembrokeshire which has significant military history both ancient and modern. Our objective is to restore vintage aircraft and currently we are involved in the restoration of a MK VIII Spitfire. On display is the airframe fuselage together with associated aircraft military and wartime items. Please go to the History page for more information about the aeroplane

Whilst we are fundraising, we will build a museum around the Spitfire so that the flying machine that so many brave men and women paid the ultimate price for in our country’s hour of need can be seen – up close up!  The Museum is housed in its own charity store at 29 Bridge Street which is located close to car parking and public transport services. The Museum can be accessed at the advertised times and there is a small admission charge for adults. Presentations and visits by parties can be arranged in advance, if required, and can be done so by using the following contact details

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