The Welsh Spitfire Museum & Shop

On display within our small museum is the airframe fuselage together with associated aircraft military and wartime items.

Please go to the History page for more information about the aeroplane.

Our objective is to restore vintage aircraft and currently we are involved in the restoration of a MK VIII Spitfire. Whilst we are fundraising, we will build a museum around the Spitfire so that the flying machine that so many brave men and women paid the ultimate price for in our country’s hour of need can be seen – up close!

The Museum can be accessed at any time and is free to enter. Presentations and visits by parties can be arranged in advance, if required, and can be done so by using the following contact details

Military History Library of Wales!

In parallel we also have another project – the development of a Military History Library of Wales! With in excess of 10,000 books, the subjects of which are far ranging but primarily focussed on Land, Sea and Air military forces!

There is also other media including magazines, DVDs and video tapes in our possession.